Monday, August 22, 2016

About 20 years ago at a certain church, several women were offering up prayer

their hands and voices were raised and such. i watched in awe, but dare not join them. Didn't want to join them. Just wanted to listen, and enjoy the experience. Bigtime, on my mind, was how much more powerful this prayer was, compared to when i've witnessed pagans raising a cone - or whatever they call it nowadays. Woah, with these old church women, there was definitely something otherworldly going on.

But i know now, the spirit wasn't the Holy Spirit. i won't bother to name the church. Apostate churches are everywhere, and are as various as faces in the ballgame bleachers. This particular church - like other churches, where the Bible just sits in pew-racks, behind pamphlets with pretty hatted men on the front - is heavy into legalism. You can sit through a TWO HOUR service, and the sermon might be 15 minutes - but will more like be closer to 10. At the start, there is a paragraph read from the Bible. And then later on, another quickie reading from the Scriptures. But it's like a ok-we're-done-with-that. Then the rest of it is basically prayers and praises to departed humans. And Christ is really lucky if He gets mentioned more than two or three times. Mentioned, but that's about it.

So glad that church would not have me for a member. Otherwise i'd of joined, and would have sat (and perhaps hardened) under a false gospel. Yep, the Lord Jesus looks after His sheep - even really dumb ones ;)

Friday, August 19, 2016

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Just another TMI incident. The little ms-thinks-shez-all-that could have had the decency

to keep that skanky song from ANNOUNCING itself to the entire bus. Ya’d think ;/ The 5 to 10-second lyrics went like this – twice “…between the sheets…” Nothing overtly obscene, but obnoxious enough…at seven in the morning, on the way to work. Is it really necessary for the rest of us to hear these details of a (as wished for ??) forni-fest…between a dawg and a pig? Yes, i am aware the few seconds of sound was a likely ring-tone/reminder, and yes people have different tones to identify different callers/appointments. Audible vanity, nuthin’ more, nuthin’ less. Anyway, ya’d think the lyrics parading themselves to an entire busload of commuters would be a source of embarrassment. Ya’d think ??? Nope ;/ the little-broad didn’t even so much flinch. Question is why would a professional-looking and very neat woman want to have that for a ring-tone/reminder in the first place?

How jjjuuddgmmeentall? Yer a-number-one-right, judgmental, dear reader! And if you choose to write this post off as coming from a “sexually repressed fundie” … well, there’s a glitch. Actually two-glitches (silly me ;) #1, any category or decision, is an act of passing judgment. Glitch #2 is : serious lack of evidence to substantiate the charge of prudery. Hey, i wasn’t the one blaring my i-pod or i-whatever, (be it hymns, news or music) all over the bus. Of course, to conclude that i can be a real bi*ch at times … that’s an accurate judgment. Running late, had only ½ cup of coffee before leaving the house.

Oh wait a second, i forgot Glitch #3. The charge of “sexual repression/prudery” is a favored word-game among narcs. Why Because the Lord’s people don’t discuss (let alone, broadcast all over wherever) what goes on in that area of their lives AND, in general, strive (per the Holy Spirit) to keep ssself out of the conversation from the get-go… uhm, the unGodly are not stupid * . While many unsaved people are known to go on, making complete petitutes of themselves, still both Lord-hostile and Lord-ignoring individuals cannot help but to notice how the Lord’s people tend to atleast satisfactorily practice a certain old term written on the 3rd grader’s public-school report card – “self-control.” Just that knowledge has proven itself, more than sufficient to make the heathen rage. Evidence??? Tarry for a few moments, some Friday or Saturday evening, within sight and sound of any street preacher, preaching the REAL Gospel, and give a listen to who is being rational and who is being a punk.

And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely; for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light. Luke 16:8

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Not a whole lotta clutter left, but enough to incite me to gd and jc.

Before the blaspheme even has a chance to pass my lips...oh, clear indication what remains of the clutter HAS GOT TO G.O. GO!! There's plenty of inconveniences i can shrug off. No air conditioning in this heat - except for the bedroom, for which i am grateful. Sitting here in a cotton slip, feel like a tea-towel that was just run over the supper dishes. Oh well, it gets humid in summer. Clutter, however, i just cannot stand. More cleaning, more moving crap around to clean, and as we age, we lose our ability to dance around stuff. Two years ago t'was clutter that was in my road and resulted in a fractured foot. Clutter becomes dangerous for aging people.

Another thing that ticks me off royal about the JUNK (it's ALL frakking junk - no treasure, none of the shatick) is : the waste. The extra gas and money used to buy what is already around someplace. Eco-hostile. Uhm, yeah, this barely edgejamacated fundie believes that generating waste is irresponsible stewardship. Earth is not my mother, but a planet (and likely the only sustainable planet) that the Lord created for His creatures to live on.

Just an hour ago, was clearing clutter somewhere else. In the hoard, was an entire hefty bag of plastic cups, plates, napkins - which had sat for likely several years. Oh and being loose, there was fading and dust. The whole lot went right into the rubbish can. Oh boy, the landfill will be getting more non-biodegradable crap...the stuff was hoarded, but never used. The cleaning of that place is getting easier - and safer - as stupid worthless CRAP is being pitched. Woulda pitched more, but the can is full. My workmate was concerned that hoarder might go to put something in the trash, thus expose the covert operation. Noper! The clutter is in a black trash bag. Hhmmm, better put that on my shopping list, then into my ditty-bag.

One other upsetting thing about - especially christmas - crap is : those goodwill and sallyann boxes ya see in parking lots...Uhm, they are for clothing and shoes. Not holiday junk - which goodwill won't even take (yyaaayyyy them ;) . This morning, among several other crudball-looking items left sitting around the boxes, was a 6-foot skinny santa. Apparently, the bins fill up quick...guess so ;/ People are nuts - for even bringing this crap into their homes in the first place. After about the 2nd time someone assumed this property was a freebie junk drop-off, i told my husband in no uncertain terms that if i catch ANYBODY off-loalding here, things will get real ugly. And that happened.

Some guy (arrogant piece-of-drek) was burning plastic wire. And he had to quickly drench it and clear out. Evidently, though there's acreage between neighbors, my voice carries.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Furries. Aawwww, that’s so cute ;) R*, a sister in Christ, was telling us about a furry in action.

Her grandson was about five years old at the time. Right in the middle of a grocery-store aisle, he was pretending to be a dog – his fantasy complete with him crawling on his hands and knees & barking. R* was a bit embarrassed, because the boy (all boy) was loudly having a good time. Of course, he’s no longer a boy, but a MAN in his 20s. A man faced with the challenges of finding/keeping a job that pays enough to put food on the table and a roof overhead. R*s story had me laughing, but of course, when the activity is not your child's it's different i suppose.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Other people's JUNK!! Didn't want it in the first freaking place.

But we all know the drill...someone with too much crap dies, and the stupid HOARD has to be cleared out. Old people...ugh! And their stupid clutter. And the crap's dirty - and WAS dirty long before it got relegated to a closet, basrment, attic, or whereever! Uhm, wouldn't the intelligent, responsible, considerate-of-others thing to do, is to NOT let stuff pile up over the years? Duh? So the made-in-the-USA metal (yeah, metal) canister set is goodwill bound. Now it's clean, and the person that will buy it for a few bucks will have one less thing to scrub. Seems like poverty and dirt are constant companions.

While scrubbing (and i just did my nails somewhat earlier) and being peevish, the realization occurred to me (Holy Spirit telling me to ditch the crappy 'tude?) the set's previous owner was basically a drunkard's pack mule - nothing more and nothing less. Never met th' narc - know 'em by their fruits, babah - so any shrink's flying primates about, can jus' take bat-wing on oudda here ;)

Friday, August 12, 2016

For some reason (Holy Spirit?) right around break, I remembered, some 8 years back when Charlie passed away.

And it was like half the bar attended his viewing. (Yeah, back then, a lot of people had real funerals – a real casket, and a real burial afterward.) Well, I remember NOT wanting to hang around long enough for the PREACHER to show up – for the precise reason, the LAST freaking thing I wanted to hear was (Gospel) Preaching. It’s not that I had a problem with “religion,” it’s just that “fundie” stuff, where people actually believe the Bible…the Lord being sovereign (and casting unrepentant people into an eternal hell) … sort of thing that just didn’t sit well at all with mmeee. Frankly, I preferred “friendlier, more tolerant” new-age world-views.

The preacher, for not knowing Charlie that well – or half the people there, who weren’t exactly of the church-goin’ crowd - well, he did a good preaching job because he said what needed to be said, without overt Bible-thundering. But, at the same time, enough of “Bible-thunderin’, because he said that Charlie, wherever he is, “Charlie knows the Truth.” He didn’t talk of heaven or hell; he didn’t need to. People know, even when they don’t want to own up. #

The ONLY earthly reason why i stayed (to sit through preaching) was because my husband has better manners than i do – he’s not the sort of person to just up and walk out of a room when someone is to speak at the podium. Had I been there by myself, hah, no problem – I’d of quietly, politely got th’ oudda there! Anyway, the reason I so did NOT want to hear any (Gospel) Preaching was the usual…I knew it would convict me of my sins against the Lord – and I just flat out didn’t wanna deal with it.

Oh to think had i not heard that preacher’s sermon. Can’t help but to think, that over the following year or two, things could have turned out a lot (and ultimately tragically) different. My heart could have (instead of – over the net two or so years - softened to repentance) hardened to reprobation – i.e., crossing the line, being past any hope beyond this short life here on earth. Scary!

# “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Romans 1:21