Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sometimes i beef: why can't i have a nice house, a car that isn't a clunker, and other nice things...LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE!

Why can't i even have normal (central HEATING - instead of log-lugging)? But then i remember, there's lots of people who have beautiful lives, family members who actually enjoy/value one another, go on va-cas together, have no interest in time-pit bars (and other such putrid nonsense)... Well guess what! At the end of the day, sadly, many of these normal and nice (self-controlled) got-it-all-together people have no time for Christ. And going into eternity with a Christless mindset...not good. When i get to murmuring, i don't get real far before the Holy Spirit reminds me that i have no business telling the King of kings how He ought to distribute His temporal blessings.

Godda get ready and roll out of here, then get off work to come home and get stuff done.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Mockers - especially overt ones, they're demon posessed. And if that sounds crazy, then the King of kings

is a raving loon. Yeah, look up and tell Him that. King David had trouble with at least one scorner - his eldest brother. While on the run from narc-raging Saul, David prayed to the Lord for justice against his enemies.

On another blog, the writer expressed some doubt that scoffers, who gang up on a target - one whom they may barely know - are just behaving wickedly, and that the viciousness comes from the laughing peeple themselves. NO! When normal people ditch a long-time spouse, they don't linger around and mock, and they don't bring their new honey into those vicious games either. Normal people who divorce (through a really bad sin) just want to get free, and hope the ditched spouse moves on as well.

People cannot do good without help (ALOT of help) from the Lord. So, does it not make sense, that we cannot do vicious crap (like mocking someone for no better reason than being fat, forty and not so bright) without help from below. Does not the Scriptures tell us that our battles involve more than the physical realm? We think the rat who gets third-graders addicted to crack is just a lowlife - but have no clue...

Saturday, September 24, 2016

People are crazy. You'd think that people would bear in mind that someday

they will get old, and unable to move heavy stuff, and do the normal maintenance of things. Knew an old woman who had so much crap in her home...and then so-called "gifts" were given to her by "well meaning" people. Yeah right ;/ What's with someone who would gIve a life-size plastic statue (of some Babylonian IDOL - their "church" is fOOl of 'em) to an old woman, who already has enough crap. Uhm, how about a grocery-store gift-card, and maybe a pair of winter gloves? THAT would be thoughtful. Goodnight earlene! Bet that "gIver" of the stupid statue lives in a big modern house with NO clutter whatsoever! Wouldn't surprise me in the least. But the question remains, concerning old people and clutter: what were they thinking thirty years ago? Could blame the woman's late husband for the clutter, but i witnessed accumulation, long after her husband's funeral - of which he didn't bother to provide life-insurance...too typical, but another post for another day. The woman would watch that stupid shopping channel, and you know the rest of the story, of purchases made and really not enough funds. Meanwhile, routine bills turn into late-notices.

The crappy money-management just throttles my pea-brain...like the young dude who came into several thousand dollars. Instead of putting some aside for a rainy day, the idiot went out and bought a new shiny (toy) truck - the old truck was fine. Story goes, about a year later, the boom-town job dried up, leaving him with alot of bills and a wee unemployment check. Lovely habits to take along into old age.

Yep, i am NOT a fun person, never have been. The (sinfOol) pride-side of me, has actively considered that someday... Someday heck! Unexpected expenses have happened...boy am i glad for not peeing away money on va-cas and junk-in-general. It really upsets me when people don't manage their lives carefully, because it puts stress on the people around them. Friends? Uhm, they have their own hassles, and really...! they DON'T need mine, or anyone else's.

Spendthrifts/hoarders are the most self-centered, inconsiderate people around, and there's more than enough of them.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

That's right! i'm one of those RIGHT WINGED xenophobes. Ya see, if i move to France,

i don't expect the French to rewrite all their battery-charger instructions to suit me. If i decide to move to the West Bank, i'll take the bother to learn THEIR language - otherwise i'll stay the heck home.

All i wanted to do was give the freaking battery a jump. But nnnoooo

the stupid charger has a bbbbatttery part some freaking where. As for the instructions, instead of those posted in ENGLISH!!! these basic instructions are in a booklet some freaking where. Wheras, if the directions were in ENGLISH!!! there'd be enough room on the back of the charger. i truely believe this shatick is INTENTIONALLY designed to make normal people crazy. Worldlings gonna be worldlings. My husband is not doing well and it don't look good. i thought, silly freaking me, the stupid charger would be near the charger. Oh i'm an idiot. Everything else, that ain't been used since the frakking nixon administration is there...of course. Did i move it somewhere else? Well if i did, when there's too much clutter, it's only NORMAL that things are bound to be misplaced. So i absolutely will NOT curse myself - that's narc's job, and that he does quite efficiently, thankyouverymuch. And no, the only person i'll call for help is an auto mechanic who gets PAID for his work.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

If Nabal wasn’t a narc, then i’ll eat my (hardcover) Webster’s. But at least Nabal had the decency

to not make a secret of his true nature, while parading around town as some mr.niceguy. The second half of 1 Samuel 25:3 introduces Nabal as “but the man was churlish and evil in his doings; and he was of the house of Caleb.” (Caleb was like his great-grandfather, and had been one of the two men, back in Exodus, who gave a good report to Moses – that they could go into Canaan and stomp those giants.) In the 2nd half of 1 Samuel 25:17, one of the rank-and-file employees reported to the boss’s wife (Abigail, wife of Nabal) of some VERY serious trouble brewing, “for he is such a son of Belial, that a man cannot speak to him.”

Webster’s 1991 edition describes “churlish” as #1 vulgar, #2 ill natured, peevish, and #3 difficult to work with or deal with, intractable (like hard soil) syn. BOORISH.

Intractable is someone who is highly unwilling to (simply shut th’ up and) follow basic instructions (like the other data-entry clerks - who may or may not like the rules, but…hey…). What’s really scary about “intractable” is, sounds like the worst of the three soils, into which the Gospel seed doesn’t take, let alone germinate, at least for awhile.

Peevish is someone who is a habitual complainer, really stubborn, ill tempered.

Boorish is someone whose rudeness towards others is rooted in flat out insensitivity – someone who really doesn’t care one iota that his (totally unwarranted) remarks sent that young waitress running to the rest-room in a flurry of tears. Okay, so the waitress is a klutz – even when she’s not up all night studying for exams – it happens…yeesh ;/

Surly is someone who is arrogant, imperious, irritable – yeah, like an employee who beefs because his boss actually expects him to - oh horrors - actually do some work ;O

Imperious is someone who is in-yer-face arrogant, a control freak.

All these definitions can be summed up (in our truncated language) as someone who is a total pain in th’ but think’s he’s all that, with a pepsi.

Bears repeating: paraphrase from another blog – when a youngster’s normal human emotions/perceptions are

consistently mocked (covertly/overtly) by the child’s parents, sooner or later, that child is prone to dismiss/despise his or her normal human feelings. A few years pass & this invalidated child is now in his teens. (Oh boy ;/ ) The teen, like any other, is bound to encounter people who so do NOT have his best interests in mind. Can you spell “wolves in sheep’s clothing!” While kids from reasonably normal families are encouraged to pay a close ear to that internal alarm, and so calmly/politely back away from even potentially toxic people/situations, just in case – the kid from a narc family, is prone to simply dismiss his feelings as over-the-top, stupid, or whatever his VILE-excuse-for-parents had long ago labeled the kid’s normal human perceptions.

Preachers really, really need to own up to the FACT, this sort of shatick goes on in families – has gone on, and seems to continually worsen – and thee pulpiteers really need to (grow the heck up enough to) pause and think about THIS REALITY, before simply droning on and spouting off their usual top-40 scriptures “at” their congregation.

But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. 2 Timothy 3:13