Sunday, October 23, 2016

Why does misogyny continue to shock western (i.e. obviously, more CIVILIZED) people.

Yep, these same donkey-wipe nations are the ones where anything from snake gods to multi-armed monsters are still worshipped. Places where simply carrying a Bible can and does get for-real Christians in serious danger. But many a (well mannered) westerner can't understand where the misogyny comes from in those certain armpit (hey, i'm being nice ;) countries. Isn't it obvious? Evidently not. Hint: in places where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is overtly suppressed (and where spiritual abuse is the game) expect misogyny - and other slime-ball excuses for conduct. By the way, i like political correctness just a bit better than i like cooking (toil...blech ;/

SkeptIc - Christ-bashing term for "wet blanket" (one that seriously needs to see a laundry mat ;)

The strength i had in my hands, arms and upper-body did not come from me - i was lifting over 30 pounds, one after another and other such types of heavy lifting and dragging...kept on ticking. Go(d) done what needed to get done. And i suppose, the Lord decided that enough was taken care of (cleaned up, read out) so He evidently withdrew the Samson-like strength that He had granted me, just for a time - long enough to ged-der done. As i now sit her blogging with my right hand in a wrist-sling, fingers about half numb, i am grateful in knowing, yeah the Lord provides - even for basket-cases.

Last weekend, when the Samson-like strength was departing (it headed back to the Lord around Thursday-ish) i noticed that a neighbor had a trailer-load ('bout 1/2 a cord) of neatly stacked firewood for sale, and somehow i knew it would be rather overpriced - never mind the man works hard and is no longer young. Anyway, there was a rather smug air surrounding that just-ever-so trailer of wood. But i didn't care. i considered buying it but what stopped me was : having to stack it. So i prayed that the man's wood would be purchased by somebody whose need was greater. The blessing is: having enough money to overpay for something. i did want that wood though, and considered paying extra to have it stacked, but still the time involved, even just an hour. Was the man able time-wise, and what about the weather the next day... Too much going on, and i was just plain tired.

Fingers need a rest.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Oh guess what highly unusual item i was shopping for! Yep, a men's cotton bathrobe.

At a (formerly) better department store, the salesman told me that heavy cotton bathrobes were once rather commonplace...any men's department had them. But now, there's plenty of floor-space for halloween crap - yeah pjs with feet and whiskers for "grown-ups." The one cotton robe was a one-size. Yeah, it fit me, but i'm not a man with strength in the upper-body. The robe, i guess was made with elfin majick, with metros in mind - not real men with a real muscular chest-size. Too manly, i guess, and we can't have that...why someone (some limp wristed...) might get offended. Well i'm freaking offended. My husband needs a bathrobe - one that's real and warm...he's old. Yeah, forgot, being old is a crime.

Monday, October 17, 2016

What is it with preachers, especially women, calling themselves “Reverend?” Ew, sounds pretentious.

‘Am not going to bust into some other blogger’s comment section – especially at a blog-ring where the bloggers have endured various, but certain, unfavorable experiences. Anyway, one of the other bloggers referenced a site that appeared to proclaim the Gospel, but halfway through the referenced post, i couldn’t help but to notice the familiar absence of Jesus Christ. Oh yeah, lots of “God.” Well guess what, people call all sorts of things “God.” At the end of the post, Jesus’s Name finally appeared, along with “Lord and Savior.” But even so, heresy was thick on that page. It’s not enough for a woman to defy the Scriptural prohibition of women preachers, but the woman calls herself “Reverend.” Not the first website i’ve read this done, but needless to say, had no desire to hit the home page for any more articles.

Just googled, “what is it about women preachers calling themselves reverend?” And once again, comments from women/agnostics who want little-to-nothing to do with the (for-real) Christian walk, because acknowledging Christ is “sexist.” Oh paleeze! Just because the Bible says that women were not created to get behind a pulpit before a crowd of men and women (don a pretty pointed hat, robe and such, “before the TV eyes of millions” ;/). (1) Oh, but never mind that we older women are to teach younger women – which, by the way, can be done (on a blog) along a quiet cyber-street. And yeah, to a worldling, Titus 2:4-5 (2) and other verses may come of as Doormatting 101. Well guess what! Worldlings, despite their bright shiny degrees, (which many like to parade all around town) can be head-spinningly clueless! But in all fairness, wasn’t too long ago that (still) non-degreed me hated the Lord’s Word with a (polIte) passion.

Oh, and a double nevermind, that right after “sexist” Paul exhorts the women, he’s onto the men concerning similar “doormatting” ;) things. Yeah, isn’t that funny – not the only verse to exhort women to do this and not that, and then IMMEDIATELY after, (3) the men get read the riot act, for nearly the same things (uhm…like being a loud-mouth, slacker, “busybody in other men’s matters” – 1 Peter 4:15 - , drunk…)

Just noticed that the words “bitter” and “busybody” describe the actions of out-and-about men - and not so much the keeping-at-home women. (4) Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor. ;)

1. Lyrics from “The Clasp,” Jethro Tull, from their “Broadsword and the Beast” album.

2. “That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,
To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.” Titus 2:4-5


“Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter against them.” Colossians 4:19

3. “But let none of you suffer as a murderer, or as a thief, or as an evil doer, or as a busybody in other men’s matters.” 1 Peter 4:15

4. By the way, in ancient times streets were dangerous; they didn’t have Capitol Police, and Life Team.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Stating an observation/emotion - to a narc, it's just complaining. But it's okay for narcs to complain....they're sickening.

Got a card around a week ago, said she wanted to "talk." Well guess what? i don't want to talk to her. Heaven forbid, i might state an observation (complain) about something. Yeah, i got forgiveness issues. A quarter century ago, i had stated an observation - said i was lonely. The statement could have been put to rest with a common empathetic phrase, like "frogs are everywhere." But no, she had to twist the knife with a snarkey, "I don't have time for yyyourr pproblems." Uhm, i had made a brief statement about being lonely, not an hour long boo-hoo gig. This happened, of course years before i went no-contact. Nor can i recall what she said that caused me to go no-contact, but i can recall the moment i decided not to visit anymore. Saw her in the grocery store about a year ago. Being polite, but i said as little as possible. Felt sad about the whole thing, and quickly ducked into another aisle waiting for her to check out, so i could finish my grocery shopping. And i resolved to not again shop during that time-period. Yesterday, needed some stuff, but chose to wait until later, or go elsewhere. Talk? R U kidding me? Like my husband said about someone whom he used to know, "too much water under the bridge."

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Got a real problem with people who smoke around children - you can light up

out back (this tablet inhales;(. During last year's fall parade, the children were gathered around our stand to play a game...was a fundraiser thing. Well, one of the volunteers basically did nothing but take space, and smoke that up - instead of the considerate thing: lighting up behind or between buildings, away from the kids. An hour or so passes by, and i finally opened by big yap, pleading with smoker not to smoke around the kids - not like i was the only one to have verbalized this polite request. Well, the (narc excuse for a) volunteer decided to rain on my parade. So i grabbed my stuff and went home, missing the parade of course. Was looking forward to it, and i think "volunteer" knew that, and likely derived satisfaction from spoiling someone's evening. Yeah, it's like if narcs don't spoil somebody's day, that's a day wasted.

The comments on another blog were taking on an eugenics bend (over).

And a commenter had the nerve to disagree with government-imposed selective breeding. Eugenics is not going to stop narc (excuses for) parents from imposing their vicious agenda upon their children. Not all narcs are loudmouth drunks/hitters/slackers - some are real quiet. Unfortunately, there are more than a few who play church. Which is probably why that commenter got flamed. Yeah, the individual went as far as to say that narcs for parents may have been the Lord's plan for the child to endure for the purpose of knowing first-hand what evil is, and how to protect oneself and others from it. These were not the commenter's exact words, but i do know that every redeemed person WILL experience persecution in one form or another. Is what it is. Got issues? Go get in the Lord God's Face ;) And yeah, good luck with that.

Needless to say, the commenter was called a troll, and told that "you and your God buddy" should go play elsewhere. These Lord-bashers think they're so slick. They ain't slick. Their just obnoxiously stupid. And yeah, if i misspelled any words (which i probably did - wrist is fried, from working) it happens to folks pushing 60 who actually do their own housekeeping.